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Design and Decoration Materials

Design and Decoration Materials

Art meet Technology to bring all those images which was possible to find once only in virtual spaces in residential and work environments. Today, we can provide them physically on materials, translating our thought in new high definition spaces. The wall itself, the vital space, become Masterpieces. Nowadays our Digital Art can be expressed and seen through different technologies, both for Internal and External decoration.


The new printing and fixing technologies, enrich and nobilitate the support, enhancing its durability, atmospherical agents resistance, and forbid the chromatic decadence in time caused by U.V. rays. Let's see three main possible kind of materials and printing/fixing techniques, to describe their main features. All of these are suitable for internal applications, and the last one we'll see can be suitable also for external surfaces.



Paneling with Nobilitated Wood Panels with Melaminic Resin

This technique allows to apply the drawing on wooden supports, with the possibility to choose a wide area of finishings. Thanks to these, it's possible to obtain particular materic effects which valorizes more spaces and decorations. Melaminic resin nobilitation confers to the surface anti-abrasive and shockproof, water resistance, and helps keeping the color tone safe through the years. It's the perfect solution for internal decoration, also applicable to furnishings and for custom-made decorations. Mosaics, Murrinae and other noble materials can be used to add a special value to these supports, in order to create a truly unique and valuable masterpiece.



Cold printed ceramic support using resin for drawings preservation


This kind of technique confers the panel a very shimmy and brilliant surface, which makes the environment really bright. Support dimensions can reach 6.5ft per 3ft size. Smaller elements can be used to create a mosaic, without loosing any continuity in the drawing, between the different pieces.


There's no limit to creativity for finishings, which can be studied and projected to realize any single idea. Resin allows to include any other decorative element, giving the customer the possibility of a complete customization. This technology is particularly efficient to maintain the brightest color quality.



Heated ceramic support Paneling

This technique allows to include a drawing with its own colors directly inside the ceramic support, after a further furnace passage. So we will obtain a product with the same features of durability and direct U.V. resistance of a normal tile which can be used for external surfaces paneling.


For internal uses, it's the top quality product for pools paneling, spa decoration and domestic floor.